Pressure sensors
Reliable, precise

KTE3001AQ0V, KTE3001AQ0N, KTE3001AQ1V, KTE3001AQ1N, KTE3001AQ4V, KTE3001AQ4N, KTE3001AQ6V, KTE3001AQ6N, KTE3001AQ7V, KTE3001AQ7N, KTE3002AQ0V, KTE3002AQ0N, KTE3002AQ1V, KTE3002AQ1N, KTE3002AQ4V, KTE3002AQ4N, KTE3002AQ6V, KTE3002AQ6N, KTE3002AQ7V, KTE3002AQ7N, KTE3005AQ0V, KTE3005AQ0N, KTE3005AQ1V, KTE3005AQ1N, KTE3005AQ4V, KTE3005AQ4N, KTE3005AQ6V, KTE3005AQ6N, KTE3005AQ7V, KTE3005AQ7N, KTE3010AQ0V, KTE3010AQ0N, KTE3010AQ1V, KTE3010AQ1N, KTE3010AQ4V, KTE3010AQ4N, KTE3010AQ6V, KTE3010AQ6N, KTE3010AQ7V, KTE3010AQ7N, KTE3016AQ0V, KTE3016AQ0N, KTE3016AQ1V, KTE3016AQ1N, KTE3016AQ4V, KTE3016AQ4N, KTE3016AQ6V, KTE3016AQ6N, KTE3016AQ7V, KTE3016AQ7N, KTE3020AQ0V, KTE3020AQ0N, KTE3020AQ1V, KTE3020AQ1N, KTE3020AQ4V, KTE3020AQ4N, KTE3020AQ6V, KTE3020AQ6N, KTE3020AQ7V, KTE3020AQ7N, KTE3025AQ0V, KTE3025AQ0N, KTE3025AQ1V, KTE3025AQ1N, KTE3025AQ4V, KTE3025AQ4N, KTE3025AQ6V, KTE3025AQ6N, KTE3025AQ7V, KTE3025AQ7N, KTE3035AQ0V, KTE3035AQ0N, KTE3035AQ1V, KTE3035AQ1N, KTE3035AQ4V, KTE3035AQ4N, KTE3035AQ6V, KTE3035AQ6N, KTE3035AQ7V, KTE3035AQ7N, KTE3050AQ0V, KTE3050AQ0N, KTE3050AQ1V, KTE3020AQ1N, KTE3050AQ4V, KTE3050AQ4N, KTE3050AQ6V, KTE3050AQ6N, KTE3050AQ7V, KTE3050AQ7N, KTEM3250GQ0V, KTEM3250GQ0N, KTEM3250GQ1V, KTEM3250GQ1N, KTEM3250GQ4V, KTEM3250GQ4N, KTEM3250GQ6V, KTEM3250GQ6N, KTEM3250GQ7V, KTEM3250GQ7N, KTEM3350GQ0V, KTEM3350GQ0N, KTEM3350GQ1V, KTEM3350GQ1N, KTEM3350GQ4V, KTEM3350GQ4N, KTEM3350GQ6V, KTEM3350GQ6N, KTEM3350GQ7V, KTEM3350GQ7N, KTEM3500GQ0V, KTEM3500GQ0N, KTEM3500GQ1V, KTEM3500GQ1N, KTEM3500GQ4V, KTEM3500GQ4N, KTEM3500GQ6V, KTEM3500GQ6N, KTEM3500GQ7V, KTEM3500GQ7N, KTE3001GQ0V, KTE3001GQ0N, KTE3001GQ1V, KTE3001GQ1N, KTE3001GQ4V, KTE3001GQ4N, KTE3001GQ6V, KTE3001GQ6N, KTE3001GQ7V, KTE3001GQ7N, KTE3N01GQ0V, KTE3N01GQ0N, KTE3N01GQ1V, KTE3N01GQ1N, KTE3N01GQ4V, KTE3N01GQ4N, KTE3N01GQ6V, KTE3N01GQ6N, KTE3N01GQ7V, KTE3N01GQ7N, KTE3P01GQ0V, KTE3P01GQ0N, KTE3P01GQ1V, KTE3P01GQ1N, KTE3P01GQ4V, KTE3P01GQ4N, KTE3P01GQ6V, KTE3P01GQ6N, KTE3P01GQ7V, KTE3P01GQ7N, KTE3002GQ0V, 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KTE3050GQ7V, KTE3050GQ7N, KTU3015AQ0V, KTU3015AQ0N, KTU3015AQ1V, KTU3015AQ1N, KTU3015AQ4V, KTU3015AQ4N, KTU3015AQ6V, KTU3015AQ6N, KTU3015AQ7V, KTU3015AQ7N, KTU3030AQ0V, KTU3030AQ0N, KTU3030AQ1V, KTU3030AQ1N, KTU3030AQ4V, KTU3030AQ4N, KTU3030AQ6V, KTU3030AQ6N, KTU3030AQ7V, KTU3030AQ7N, KTU3100AQ0V, KTU3100AQ0N, KTU3100AQ1V, KTU3100AQ1N, KTU3100AQ4V, KTU3100AQ4N, KTU3100AQ6V, KTU3100AQ6N, KTU3100AQ7V, KTU3100AQ7N, KTU3200AQ0V, KTU3200AQ0N, KTU3200AQ1V, KTU3200AQ1N, KTU3200AQ4V, KTU3200AQ4N, KTU3200AQ6V, KTU3200AQ6N, KTU3200AQ7V, KTU3200AQ7N, KTU3300AQ0V, KTU3300AQ0N, KTU3300AQ1V, KTU3300AQ1N, KTU3300AQ4V, KTU3300AQ4N, KTU3300AQ6V, KTU3300AQ6N, KTU3300AQ7V, KTU3300AQ7N, KTU3500AQ0V, KTU3500AQ0N, KTU3500AQ1V, KTU3500AQ1N, KTU3500AQ4V, KTU3500AQ4N, KTU3500AQ6V, KTU3500AQ6N, KTU3500AQ7V, KTU3500AQ7N, KTU3700AQ0V, KTU3700AQ0N, KTU3700AQ1V, KTU3700AQ1N, KTU3700AQ4V, KTU3700AQ4N, KTU3700AQ6V, KTU3700AQ6N, KTU3700AQ7V, KTU3700AQ7N, KTU3005GQ0V, KTU3005GQ0N, KTU3005GQ1V, KTU3005GQ1N, KTU3005GQ4V, 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KTU3500GQ1V, KTU3500GQ1N, KTU3500GQ4V, KTU3500GQ4N, KTU3500GQ6V, KTU3500GQ6N, KTU3500GQ7V, KTU3500GQ7N, KTU3750GQ0V, KTU3750GQ0N, KTU3750GQ1V, KTU3750GQ1N, KTU3750GQ4V, KTU3750GQ4N, KTU3750GQ6V, KTU3750GQ6N, KTU3750GQ7V, KTU3750GQ7N,
KTE/KTU3000; KTE3000; KTU3000
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KTE / KTU3000

The KTE / KTU3000 pressure transmitters allow for high media compatibility with corrosive and aggressive liquids and gases. The transmitters are based on piezoresistive ceramic pressure sensor elements and feature highly chemical resistant PPS (Polyphenylensulfide) plastic sensor headers. They are calibrated and temperature compensated and offer different amplified analogue output signals. All KTE / KTU3000 pressure transmitters can be modified according to customer specific requirements.

Typical applications include industrial machines, industrial measurement and control, instrumentation as well as medical and analytical devices.

KTE / KTU3000  pressure transmitter
Technical specifications
Pressure ranges Absolute


Gage (pressue/vacuum)

0...1 to 0...50 bar
0...15 to 0...750 psi

0...-1 bar
0...-15 psi

0...±1 bar
0...±15 psi

0...250 mbar to 0...50 bar
0...5 to 0...750 psi
Output signals   0...5 V, 0...10 V, 0.5...4.5 V, 1...6 V, 4...20 mA
Non-linearity, hysteresis and repeatability (typical, combined)   ±0.15 %FSO
Pressure connection   G 1/4
other connecting threads on request
Wetted material   PPS / Al2O3 / NBR (FKM)
Size without nipples and pins (approx.)   Ø 27 x 68 mm

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