We lead the future

Our 2018 theme focuses on proximity to our customers. Together we turn visions into reality.

Irreplaceable Together

In North America First Sensor is supporting the growth of a new medical technology company with sensitive pressure sensors. Learn more.

Being Reliable Together

Autonomous taxis, buses & trains are on course for success. Learn more.

Using Every Second Together

A new sensor system could be used to recognize heart attacks. Learn more.

Working Together to Redefine Collaboration

Optical sensors and camera systems help drive human–machine interaction forward. Learn more.

Improving Quality of Life Together

Patients whose kidneys no longer function correctly must undergo replacement therapies. One German medical technology group is relying on First Sensor to allow dialysis patients to have an active everyday life. Learn more.

Staying One Step Ahead Together

In Asia, First Sensor helps large commercial enterprises control complex processes intelligently with their products. Learn more.

Going into Series Production Together

The vehicle of the future is making its way through traffic with LIDAR technology.
Learn more.

Playing It Safe Together

Driver assistance systems equipped with sensitive sensors and networked cameras can save lives.
Learn more.

Responsibility Together

In new mobility concepts pressure sensor technology will remain a key pillar. Learn more.

Giving Perspectives Together

Layout and connection technology is opening up new opportunities for computer tomography. Learn more.

On the Rise Together

Companies are currently using autonomous systems such as UAVs to open up a new market for logistics and inspection services.                                 Learn more.

Thinking Joined-Up Together

Intelligent air conditioning technology provides clean air in workshops, administrative buildings and transport facilities. Ventilation specialists value solutions from First Sensor.                Learn more.

Running Smoothly Together

There is one thing that machinery is meant to do above everything else: run faultlessly. Operators use predictive maintenance to prevent downtime. First Sensor offers sensitive inclination sensors to assist in predictive maintenance. Learn more.

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