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Patients whose kidneys no longer function correctly must undergo replacement therapies such as dialysis. One German medical technology group is relying on First Sensor to allow dialysis patients to have an active everyday life.

The company was looking for a new pressure sensor supplier over ten years ago, and was being very specific in selecting the right partner, of course. After all, the pressure sensors are used to monitor patient blood pressure in dialysis devices. During hemodialysis – the most commonly used form of dialysis – the patient’s blood is pumped through the dialysis machine for several hours. There, the body’s waste products pass through a semi-permeable filter membrane into the dialysis solution. Pressure sensors make this process safer and more comfortable since their measurements are used as a basis for adjusting the rate of dialysis.

When it came to selecting the right sensor manufacturer, the medical technology group ultimately struck gold with the First Sensor pressure specialists. The company stands out for its longstanding experience in the field of medical technology. “The quality of our H series convinced the customers since our standard sensors are extremely reliable,” explained Sales Director Florian Blobner, who handles the DACH region. The reliability of the sensors has been the basis for the longstanding partnership ever since. The company uses the First Sensor products in its central production line for hemodialysis and just recently extended the collaboration an additional two years.The medical technology company is expected to take delivery of hundreds of thousands of H-series units.

2,3 million

patients rely on renal replacement therapy around the world (BVMed e. V.)

In addition to the pressure sensors, the company equips its dialysis devices with temperature sensors to monitor the dialysis solution as well as an optical blood leak module. This sensor solution was developed and manufactured in Weißensee, Berlin, and uses an optical measuring process to detect potential tears in the membrane between the bloodstream and the solution cycle. Thanks to modern methods like these, dialysis has become not just safer in recent years, but also more comfortable and effective, and it helps allow patients to lead an active life between dialysis cycles. Some 100,000 people currently undergo renal replacement therapy like hemodialysis in Germany alone.

H series for pressure sensor
H Series

Our standard piezo-resistive pressure sensors measure extremely low pressures in dry, non-corrosive gases. Their applications include fields such as medical technology, measurement technology and air conditioning technology.   

Innovative developments in medical technology go beyond medical and clinical services, and are increasingly integrated into everyday life as Blobner explains: “Aside from further improvements to hemodialysis, companies are working on using e-health applications to improve patient quality of life. We are working with our solutions customers to promote new technologies for this. An example of this is wearables that provide diabetes patients with insulin at the press of a button for several days.”

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