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Our 2018 theme focuses on proximity to our customers. Together we turn visions into reality.

Staying One Step Ahead Together

Worldwide, companies are pushing forward the fourth industrial revolution. In Asia, First Sensor helps large commercial enterprises control complex processes intelligently with their products. The digitalization of production processes was still in its infancy when First Sensor was first contacted in 2011 by a leading Chinese industrial company.
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Going into Series Production Together

The vehicle of the future is making its way through traffic with LIDAR technology.
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Irreplaceable Together

A new medical technology group is currently being established in North America. First Sensor is part of this and supporting its growth with sensitive pressure sensors to ensure safe breathing.
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Thinking Joined-Up Together

Intelligent air conditioning technology provides clean air in workshops, administrative buildings and transport facilities. Ventilation specialists value solutions from First Sensor.
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Responsibility Together

In new mobility concepts pressure sensor technology will remain a key pillar. Learn more.

Giving Perspectives Together

Imaging processes show what is hidden underneath the skin. Unconventional layout and connection technology is opening up new opportunities for computer tomography. New scanners were designed to achieve a better resolution than previous devices and thus be less harmful to patients. When a new device was introduced, the challenge was the layout and connection technology of the detector arrays. Learn more.

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