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Growth in Respiratory Air

A new medical technology group is currently being established in North America. First Sensor is part of this and supporting its growth with sensitive pressure sensors to ensure safe breathing. 

In 2014, one of the group’s current subsidiaries was looking for a supplier to replace the pressure sensors in one of its products at short notice. Companies in the industry were familiar with First Sensor products and recommended to the medical technology supplier that it worked with First Sensor. Through the services of a partner, First Sensor was then able to provide a suitable standard product very quickly. That marked the start of the cooperation that has continued to this day. An order for modified standard sensors from the H series for a respiratory system to be used in neonatal and pediatric intensive care then followed. Since the start of production in 2015, the company has procured several thousand pressure sensors per year from First Sensor for this alone.

41.9 percent

North American share of global market for respiratory systems (Future Markets Insights)

Consolidations in the American medical technology industry ensured that the company, a specialist in respiratory solutions, has been part of a leading group with more than 40,000 employees worldwide since 2015. With several thousand individual products for diagnosing, treating and monitoring diseases of the airway in its range, the company continues to rely on First Sensor.

First Sensor has become exclusive supplier for a range of devices

When collaborating, it is particularly important to react quickly and identify issues that are of high relevance to the medical technology company. It is beneficial that the local First Sensor agency is located near to the company’s headquarters in the USA. Together with regular management calls, sharing information and updates with the customer on an ongoing basis was easy. The long life cycles in medical technology and the stringent quality standards created an additional tie.

Mit Atemluft auf Wachstumskurs

Collaboration has gradually been expanded over the past few years, with the result that sensor technology made in Berlin is now a fixed element of product groups with a demand that is steadily growing. The specialist in respiratory equipment is currently procuring tens of thousands of the sensors for seven ranges in America alone. Additional products are currently being approved. First Sensor has become the exclusive supplier for a range of devices for the entire life time.

H series for pressure sensor
H Series

Our standard piezo-resistive pressure sensors measure extremely low pressures in dry, non-corrosive gases. Their applications include fields such as medical technology, measurement technology and air conditioning technology.   
There is further potential to tap into in this growth market as this specialist in respiratory solutions is extremely interested in obtaining key components of its systems with guaranteed long-term quality from one source. This requirement illustrates that in addition to reliable collaboration, the technology produced by First Sensor is a winning factor.

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