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High Pressure for Sustainable Technology

New mobility concepts will have a lasting impact on traffic. Together with its partners, First Sensor is working on innovative technologies. Even if the combustion engine has its competitors, pressure sensor technology will remain a key pillar.

sensEdge pressure sensor
senseEdge Pressure Sensors

High-pressure sensors based on sensEdge technology are suitable for pressure changes up to 3,000 bar. Our solutions are used in steer-by-wire systems, for example.
Environmental awareness and mobility: Both are increasingly growing together, driven by national and international legislators. One scenario, for example, is that sharing concepts in cities will replace private cars. Or fast cycle lanes such as those in Copenhagen and Basel will ease the burden on congested road networks. And automotive manufacturers who are converting their fleets to alternative drive forms. Electromobility is not the only alternative. Fuel cell vehicles have also proved their suitability for everyday use and in the long term in particular are regarded as a clean alternative. The roads are therefore gradually seeing a transformation to “green traffic.” In addition to autonomous driving, the associated focus on the environment, preserving natural resources and avoiding local emissions are the second biggest issue that will dominate the mobility of tomorrow.

Together with its customers, First Sensor is shaping responsible mobility—and it is doing so across the entire range from passenger cars to trucks and commercial vehicles and specialized vehicles. When it comes to economical driving with low emissions, the OEM pressure sensors from First Sensor Mobility GmbH are already playing a key role today. Developed and manufactured in Dresden, they are used for applications including the diagnosis of tank leaks, keep tank emissions in charcoal filters low, or are required for exhaust aftertreatment. In the case of alternative drives, they are required in the cooling systems of batteries, for example, or for direct combustion of hydrogen.

First Sensor Mobility GmbH

The Dresden branch of the company develops and produces a range of OEM sensor solutions in accordance with the most recent quality management system for the automotive industry. In addition to high-performance pressure sensors for measuring oil, tank and gasoline pressure, the product range primarily includes optical sensors and camera systems for the passenger car, specialized vehicle, commercial vehicle and transportation market segments. First Sensor Mobility GmbH is the second First Sensor site in the capital of the German state of Saxony: Dresden is also the home to First Sensor Microelectronic Packaging GmbH.

New technologies for eco-friendly air conditioning

First Sensor is also working with key customers on implementing new concepts for sustainable driving based on senseEdge technology. These include, for example, the introduction of CO2 air conditioning systems, driven by developments such as EU Directive 2006/40/EC, which came into force in 2017. Forerunners such as Audi and Mercedes have already gone into series production with the new systems. A challenge when it comes to changing over is that the manufacturers have to develop the CO2 air conditioning systems completely from scratch. They are significantly more sophisticated than previous systems and work with higher pressures, among other things. sensEdge high-pressure sensors are an option for solving this challenge.

This patented technology is also in demand for the introduction of partial and fully autonomous driving. In modern vehicles, senseEdge high-pressure sensors perform safety-related functions. An American tier 1 supplier uses them to support electrohydraulic steering systems. In these steer-by-wire systems, high-pressure sensors measure the oil pressure required to create the necessary steering power. Adaptive steering systems offer greater comfort for the driver, but first and foremost they represent a key step towards autonomous steering. First Sensor has been working with the tier 1 supplier since 2011, which in addition to the stable performance of the pressure sensor particularly values the automotive expertise of First Sensor Mobility GmbH. The agreement was therefore renewed last year. It covers the period from 2019 to 2024 and has an anticipated sales volume of more than €2.5 million per year.

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