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16AA0.13-9 SMD (# 3005259)
16AA0.4-9 SMD (# 3001411)
140PC...PCB pressure sensor
144S...PCB pressure sensor
144L...PCB pressure sensor
160PC...PCB pressure sensor


AD230-8 SMD (# 3001401)
AD230-8 SMD (# 3001405)
AD230-8 TO (# 3001341)
AD230-9 SMD (# 3001493)
AD230-9 SMD (# 3001415)
AD230-9 TO (# 3001345)
AD230-9 TO (# 3001429)
AD230-9-400M TO5 (# 5001322)
AD500-10 TO (# 3001157)
AD500-8 SMD (# 3001396)
AD500-8 SMD (# 3001399)
AD500-8 TO (# 3001349)
AD500-9 SMD (# 3001495)
AD500-9 SMD (# 3001413)
AD500-9 TO (# 3001351)
AD500-9 TO (# 3001380)
AD500-9-400M TO5 (# 5000073)
AD500-9-8015 TO52 (# 5000041)
AD4000-10 TO (# 3001426)
AD4000-10 TO (# 3001064)
Area View Kit (AVK)


Blue Eagle


CTE/CTU7000 pressure transmitter
CTE/CTU8000 pressure transmitter
CTE/CTU9000 pressure transmitter
CTE/CTW8000...CS submersible level sensor
CTE/CTW9000...CS submersible level sensor


DDI7000 optional plug-in display
DL100-7 SMD (# 3001156)
DL100-7 SMD (#3001034)
DL100-7 THD (# 3001032)
DL100-7 PCBA3 (# 5000011)


HCA-BARO pressure sensor
HCE pressure sensor
HCE-BARO pressure sensor
HCL pressure sensor
HCLA pressure sensor
HDI pressure sensor
HDI-BARO pressure sensor
HDO pressure sensor
HF PRO solenoid valve
High Stability Line STARe
HMA pressure sensor
HME pressure sensor
HMI pressure sensor
HMU pressure sensor
HRO pressure sensor
HTD pressure sensor
HYD submersible level sensor


Industrial Line STARe


KMA pressure sensor
KTE2000...CS-submersible level sensor
KTE/KTU3000 pressure transmitter
KTE/KTU6000 pressure transmitter
KTE/KTU/KTW6000...CS submersible level sensor
KTE/KTU/KTW8000...CS submersible level sensor
K-Series STARe A/G
K-Series STARe D


LDE pressure sensor
LME pressure sensor
LMI pressure sensor
Lone Wolf solenoid valve
LQX12 solenoid valve
LX-Valve solenoid valve


MD PRO solenoid valve
MX-Valve solenoid valve


OEM-EP electronic pressure controller


PC0.7-i SMD (# 3001210)
PC0.7-ix SMD (# 3001211)
PC0.7-ix TO (# 3001213)
PC7.1-i TO (# 3001228)
PC10-6 TO (# 3001208)

PC20-6 TO (# 3001047)
PS0.25-5 SMD (# 3001048)
PS0.25-5 SMD (# 3001393)
PS1.0-5 TO (# 3004648)
PS13-6b TO (# 501241)


Red Hawk
R6-Valve selenoid valve
R9-Valve selenoid valve


Series 1 solenoid valve
Series 2 solenoid valve
Series 3 solenoid valve
Series 9 solenoid valve
Series 9 Pulse Valves solenoid valve
Series 99 solenoid valve
SiPM Module
SRS Valve solenoid valve
SSI stainless steel pressure sensor
SSO stainless steel pressure sensor
Standard line STARe


T2-03 diaphragm pump
T2-05 diaphragm pump
TD solenoid valve
TE solenoid valve
TO solenoid valve
TQ solenoid valve
TX solenoid valve


VSO-EP / VSO-EV electronic pressure controller
VSO-HP electronic pressure controller
VSO Low Flow
VSO selenoid valve
VSO MAX HP selenoid valve
VSO LowPro selenoid valve
VSO-MI selenoid valve


WBA mass flow sensor
WBI mass flow sensor

WTA mass flow sensor


X100-7 THD (# 5000040)
X100-7 THD (# 3001447)
X100-7 THD (# 3001448)


ZBXYA interface board for XYA series
ZBXYAF interface board for XYA series
ZBXYO evaluation interface board

First Sensor is one of the world's leading suppliers in the field of sensor systems and part of TE Connectivity. In the growth market of sensor systems, First Sensor develops and produces customer-specific solutions for the ever-increasing number of applications in the industrial, medical, and mobility target markets. Our goal here is to identify, meet and solve the challenges of the future with our innovative sensor solutions early on.
Investor Relations
Our investor relations activities aim at raising the international publicity of First Sensor AG and at consolidating and extending the perception of our share as an attractive growth stock. This means we keep our online communication transparent, comprehensive and continuous in order to enhance your trust in our share.
Tailored Solutions
In the growth market of sensor systems, First Sensor develops and produces customer-specific sensors, electronics, modules and complex systems for the ever-increasing number of applications in the industrial, medical, and mobility target markets. As a solution provider the company offers complete development services from a first draft and proof of concept up to the development of prototypes and finally serial production. First Sensor offers comprehensive development expertise, state-of-the-art packaging technologies and production capacities in clean rooms from ISO class 8 to 5.
Innovation, excellence, proximity – these are our values, our ambition, our drive. Anything less is not an option. Our sensor solutions stand for technical innovation and economic growth. As such, they form the basis for the development and application of new technologies in almost all areas of life. We aim to shape this future together with you.

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