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First Sensor AG, location Oberschöneweide

The current site of the company's head office is also where the roots of First Sensor AG lie: Berlin-Oberschöneweide. At the heart of this location is the semiconductor silicon chip production facility, with over 2.000 square meters of clean room space. Here, we develop optical sensors on 4 inch and 6 inch silicon wafers and pressure sensors based on MEMS technology. These form the basis of customized or adapted standard solutions, which we produce in any size, from the smallest batches to volume production.

Special strengths of this location
  • Manufacturing processes for MEMS wafers and sensor elements, focused on pressure sensors
  • Production of optical sensors on silicon wafer
  • High-tech manufactory for customized special solutions (Solutions)
First Sensor AG
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First Sensor Microelectronic Packaging GmbH

First Sensor Microelectronic Packaging GmbH (formerly Microelectronic Packaging Dresden GmbH) in Dresden-Klotzsche has many years of experience and extensive expertise in developing and manufacturing everything from electronic micro systems for components to micro systems in the form of complex multi-chip modules for the customized miniaturization of optoelectronic and MEMS-based sensors. In ISO class 8 to 5 clean rooms, we manufacture semiconductor chips using the latest automated installation and connection technology methods. In addition to prototypes and small batches, this location also produces unit volumes in the millions and is certified in accordance with the ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 quality management systems. The company possesses special skills in the processing of optical sensors, the assembly of large chips (> 10 x 10 cm) as well as the processing of chips with TSV technologies.

Special strengths of this location
  • Microelectronic packaging of image sensors and camera modules in the best clean room class ISO 5
  • Independent prototyping for development-accompanying prototyping
  • High automation for efficient, ISO/TS 16949 certified series production
First Sensor Microelectronic Packaging GmbH
(formerly Microelectronic Packaging Dresden GmbH)
Falk Steinhof
T +49 351 2136-178
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First Sensor AG, location Berlin-Weißensee

The Berlin-Weißensee location (formerly ELBAU) focuses on the development and production of electronic micro systems for pressure, flow and optical sensors. Here we develop highly complex system designs and prepare them for series production. With this comprehensive expertise along the value chain, we are able to offer both individual sensor solutions and optimized standard products and services. The location uses the latest micro system technologies and automatic system technology under clean room conditions to ensure optimal, production-ready product design. Our products are used in medical technology, industrial automation, in the aerospace industry, building services engineering, camera technology and in the offshore sector.

Special strengths of this location
  • Development of electronics, sensors and microsystems
  • Production of pressure and flow sensors including calibration and typing
  • EN ISO 13485 certified development and production of sensor components for medical technology
First Sensor AG
Christian Kempf
T +49 30 9240 420
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First Sensor Lewicki GmbH

First Sensor Lewicki GmbH (formerly LEWICKI microelectronic GmbH) in Oberdischingen, Ulm has been a specialist in hybrid circuits and complex electronic modules for over 50 years. Our hybrid circuits, components and electronic modules from Oberdischingen have become synonymous with reliability and are used worldwide in power electronics, sensor systems, medical technology and in the aerospace industry. In addition to thick film technology, our range of technologies also encompass all microelectronic installation and connecting technologies. The location includes a production area with a continuously monitored clean room of over 1,800 square meters. Qualifications and screening, in accordance with MIL and ESA standards for example, are carried out using our in-house pool of equipment. First Sensor Lewicki GmbH also meets aerospace industry requirements according to EN 9100 and medical technology requirements according to EN ISO 13485.

Special strengths of this location First Sensor Lewicki GmbH
(formerly LEWICKI microelectronic GmbH)
T +49 7305 96020
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First Sensor is one of the world's leading suppliers in the field of sensor systems and part of TE Connectivity. In the growth market of sensor systems, First Sensor develops and produces customer-specific solutions for the ever-increasing number of applications in the industrial, medical, and mobility target markets. Our goal here is to identify, meet and solve the challenges of the future with our innovative sensor solutions early on.
Investor Relations
Our investor relations activities aim at raising the international publicity of First Sensor AG and at consolidating and extending the perception of our share as an attractive growth stock. This means we keep our online communication transparent, comprehensive and continuous in order to enhance your trust in our share.
Tailored Solutions
In the growth market of sensor systems, First Sensor develops and produces customer-specific sensors, electronics, modules and complex systems for the ever-increasing number of applications in the industrial, medical, and mobility target markets. As a solution provider the company offers complete development services from a first draft and proof of concept up to the development of prototypes and finally serial production. First Sensor offers comprehensive development expertise, state-of-the-art packaging technologies and production capacities in clean rooms from ISO class 8 to 5.
Innovation, excellence, proximity – these are our values, our ambition, our drive. Anything less is not an option. Our sensor solutions stand for technical innovation and economic growth. As such, they form the basis for the development and application of new technologies in almost all areas of life. We aim to shape this future together with you.

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